How do I choose the right General Contractor for my Deck Construction?

To make sure you get quality work out of your money, you need a great General Contractor.

Just review our suggestions and the National Associate of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) suggestions for the guidance you need in choosing a quality deck builder.

  • Look around homes in your area and ask about the contractors that were used for decks you like.
  • Make preliminary calls to contractors from reference as well as those found on the internet, you want to have a good amount of initial quotations. Pay attention to how quickly the General Contractors are willing to come and see you.
  • Be sure to select an established firm with years of service in the area. Ask for references from their place of business.
  • Observe the thoroughness of the contractor, and the time he spends planning your project.
  • Ask for the Contractors license #, as well as their insurance information.
  • Ask several questions about how the process with be carried out and when work will be completed.
  • Ask for job specifications and plans in a formal contract, do not accept verbal promise.
  • Remember that the lowest bid is rarely the best buy.

Overall, when selecting a General Contractor, trust your instincts and ask lots of questions. If you have a project you would like to get started on, contact Murphy Building today to schedule an initial consultation.

Why is Murphy Building the best choice for me?

At Murphy Building our dedicated and high skilled professionals go the extra mile to make sure your remodeling experience is on schedule, and pleasant. From the initial consultation to project completion, we aren't satisfied unless you are.

Murphy Building has;

  • Class A Contractors License in Douglas County, CO #A200433
  • General Liability Insurance for $2 Million with Alliance General Insurance Company Policy #74215539

Make the Phone Call to Murphy Building

When it's time to get your Deck Building project underway give us a call. Our representatives will ask general information questions about the project you are dreaming of. From here we can schedule an appointment for an in-home meeting to better understand your specific needs.

Moving Forward with Murphy Building

After all the specifics of your project have been discussed and you choose Murphy Building to manage your remodeling experience, an agreement will be signed, and your project will be reviewed by our team members. We will determine a schedule and discuss with you an appropriate start date, as well as address any special circumstance.

The Build

Your General Contractor will meet you at the predetermined time to set up a specific pre-construction plan. Meetings like this help to ensure all details of your project and expectations are met with precision. Our staff is highly skilled and a direct source for information. During construction you will have a dedicated service team ready to answer any questions or concerns you have. Our goal is to make your Deck Building construction process as easy on your everyday life as possible.